Expanding APIs into Applications

2 years ago, we took some time to work on our API offerings related to our iVech Rental Management System. Fast forward two years and we’ve found that the biggest issue is that not all of our customers or their web developers have the expertise to utilise the APIs to their full advantage.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve used this to produce two new web applications.

  • Book My Hire – This expands iVech by allowing the user to insert a small piece of code onto their website which in turn, displays their vehicles, availability and more importantly, allows the customer to book including taking payment.
  • Book My Tyres – Stick this code on your website and the customer can easily search by vehicle reg, find tyres to match their vehicle and book a slot to have them fitted. This can also utilise supplier stock for those tyres you don’t keep a hold of.

Both systems launched over the last month and so far seem to be going down well. We’ve noted a few improvements we’ll be making to them before a mass role out.

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