API Documentation Improvements

Over the past couple of months, we’ve spent some time improving our iVech API and the documentation surrounding this. The main reason for this was knowing our API was being used by an increasing number of third parties, all of whom required new calls and features for their projects. One thing that became clear straight away was that the documentation wasn’t as good as it should have been.

After a evaluating a few products out there, the solution we decided to use was Postman, in particular, their functionality which allows you to host API documentation in the cloud. There’s a few major positives to the software which instantly sold it to us;

  • No hosting docs on our website, everything is managed by Postman
  • We can easily document the API calls using the postman software including a name and description
  • Postman will ‘convert’ the code into different calls depending on the language the end user requires
  • We can easily modify and add new calls to the API with a couple of clicks

Over the coming months, we plan to use Postman to improve our API documentation further for our other systems including the Hireguard database.

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