Adjusting working practices to deal with Coronavirus

We look at how Northstone Systems have changed business practices over the past months in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Back in March, We started to make preparations towards working from home, as it was clear that the office would likely need to shut soon to aid social distancing across the UK. When the moment came, we were already well prepared to do this. Some of the measures we’ve took include;

  • Staff are working from home when required to do so
  • Our on-going use of cloud technology allowed us easily keep our phone lines open outside of the office
  • Daily check-ins with staff members, ensuring they are all keeping well
  • Continued our first rate email and phone support for customers who are still operating
  • Improved our task management and tracking systems

Now 2 months in, we are continuing under the same principles which have worked well. All of our products have remained active and continue to do so, with lots of exciting developments coming soon to them.

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