Who are we?

Although we have quite an extension profile about ourselves already on our website, we thought to ourselves, who are we really?

We have already explained that we are a collective of programming professionals from Gateshead & Newcastle. But what does this actually mean? Well to start with, not only is our team based in the local area, many of the team have degrees and experience from local educational institutes such as Newcastle College, Gateshead College, Northumbria University & Teesside University.

We have a mix of skills in our team including designers, programmers, bloggers and SEO experts. We also have friends in the local area that we call upon when a specific skill is needed which we don’t hold in house.

We produce two pieces of software that are used nationally, these are the iVech Rental Management System and the TyreTec Tyre Control System. They are both web based applications, using the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure they are relevant and responsive for the future.

We also specialise in producing dedicated management systems for companies and organisations across the UK so they can have the power of cloud applications and data right at their fingertips. Take a look at our testimonials to find out more about our great work!

Over the coming months we will be keeping this blog up to date with projects and the latest Northstone developments.

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