Project Management – How does it work?

Over the years, we’ve tried a number of project management tools in the office to help us keep on track and plan ahead for the future. Nothing has really ticked all the boxes until we came across a web application called Asana.

Fast forward one year, and the whole team uses Asana on a daily basis to keep up-to-date with projects, log tasks for each other and most importantly, make notes against any task to help the rest of the team out. We spoke to one of our system developers, Jamie, to find out how using Asana has changed his approach to working.

“We’ve always been agile here at Northstone, but sometimes, trying to keep track of bugs, development opportunities or client development became tricky. We were using a project management tool at the time, but the cloud features of it were limited and we couldn’t easily access the tasks of others. When we made the switch to Asana, it saved valuable time so we could focus on the the development of our iVech, TyreTec and other cloud based systems.

Now, whenever I receive an email, I log it as a task against the correct project in Asana. If anyone else in the office receives a call from that client, they are able to login to the project and see if the topic already exists, make notes, or re-assign the task. This is especially helpful when it comes to bug reports as we will be able to see if its a new or on-going issue.

With the click of a calendar, you can see what tasks you’ve got assigned to yourself for that week. You can also run a report to view tasks that you’ve created for others, so you can checkout any updates on the project. I find it very useful to link documents from my Google Drive to tasks, or upload screenshots of reported issues – by clicking on the task, I have all the information there and don’t have to go looking for it elsewhere.”

As our company grows, Asana grows too. We can create new teams, new projects and new staff, all working together seamlessly. If you’re still looking for a project tracking tool, why not give Asana a go – it certainly worked for us!

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