Latest round of projects go live!

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working on a number of projects for our customers which have all recently gone live. Some of these projects include website development, whilst others were more design focused and a few even included bespoke code development in our iVech system.

Creating bespoke systems is something we pride ourselves on, which is why we’ve taken our ‘out the box’ iVech Vehicle Rental solution and turned it into a lease management system which deals with the initial enquiry, credit checks, mandate setup, ordering of the vehicle and more. We’ve also created a bespoke version of our system which can be used to run a broker based vehicle hire website. Both have been really interesting projects to work on and really showcase how stable our iVech platform is to use as the basis for other projects.

We’ve also spent a vast number of hours designing and developing customer facing websites from the ground up, giving a truly immersive booking experience. Although we do have basic plugins which can make integrating with iVech quick and inexpensive, sometimes these solutions give the end-user the impression that the booking system was an afterthought. We build from the ground up, putting the booking process front and center based on user research we have conducted. This will help drive sales, ensuring those initial click-throughs turn into completed transactions.

We understand how important it is to find a solution which works for your business, this is why we work with each and every customer to ensure the process of switching to ourselves is seamless. Unsure? Give us a call and chat directly with our developers: 0191 460 3263.

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